Legal Remedies & Disputes

A legal remedy in an animal-related dispute involves pursuing change and questioning legal boundaries.

Our attorneys are prepared to challenge traditional societal ideas by proposing and arguing cutting edge solutions and employing innovative legal strategy.

Animal Advocacy

The Animal Law Center does both non-profit and for-profit animal advocacy work. We are committed to advancing the legal status of animals in alignment with mainstream American views. By working closely with the judicial, legislative, and animal communities, the ALC strives to achieve legal recognition that animals are sentient beings, deserving of protection.


Mediation is a form of alternative dispute resolution that aims to assist two or more individuals to reach a mutually agreeable decision without ever entering a courtroom.

Compared to a lawsuit, mediation is a quick, private, fair and inexpensive way to settle a dispute. This could be important if your dispute is with someone you’ll need or want to deal with later like an employer, landlord, neighbor, or co-parent.

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Estate Planning & Contracts

Estate planning for pets is crucial in a number of circumstances. If your heirs or beneficiaries are not the best people to care for your pet, if you live alone, if you are advanced in age or suffer from a chronic illness, your pet(s) have a relatively long life expectancy, you have multiple pets, or your pet(s) have special needs, then you should strongly consider making express plans for your pet. Many jurisdictions even allow for you to make a “pet trust.”

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