Most pet owners are without estate plans for their pets.  In most cases decisions about a pet's future when their caretaker has passed away are left to those with no knowledge of the caretaker's wishes.

Estate Planning and Contracts

Estate planning for pets is crucial in a number of circumstances. If your heirs or beneficiaries are not the best people to care for your pet, if you live alone, if you are advanced in age or suffer from a chronic illness, your pet(s) have a relatively long life expectancy, you have multiple pets, or your pet(s) have special needs, then you should strongly consider making express plans for your pet. Many jurisdictions even allow for you to make a “pet trust.”

Animal Adoption or Transfer Agreements
The Animal Law Center will help clients in any adoption or transfer of an animal. It is important to formalize an agreement. This is especially important if any guarantees or unique promises are made.
Equine & Livestock Contracts
From the transfer of an animal to breeding arrangements, it is crucial to have a written agreement in place to protect yourself and the animal. In many jurisdictions, a brand inspection is required during the transfer of any livestock. The Animal Law Center can assist in all of these situations.
pet trusts

 A “pet trust” is often the perfect solution to guarantee the ongoing safety, health and well-being of your animals. In a growing number of states, special statutes have been enacted to impose an enforceable pet trust by allowing a third party designated by the terms of the trust or a court to compel the caretaker to use trust funds solely for the benefit of your pet.  The ALC also does general estate planning.  Please consider the ALC for all your estate planning needs.

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