Animals and their caretakers have legal rights when it comes to their care and welfare.  In situations where an animal and their caretakers suffer, there are legal remedies available.

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Legal Remedies & Disputes

A legal remedy in an animal-related dispute involves pursuing change and questioning legal boundaries. Our attorneys are prepared to challenge traditional societal ideas by proposing and arguing cutting edge solutions and employing innovative legal strategy.

Animal Control Issues
Depending on the local laws, Animal Control agencies typically have broad legal authority.  However, there are legal avenues available to pursue adverse prosecution of laws.
Bites & Attacks
Whether you are the victim of an attack or your animal has attacked another individual or animal, the ALC will work with you to navigate the best legal remedy available.
Custody Disputes

Pets are members of many families. Unfortunately, when families break up, it is often difficult to figure out where the pet should go. The ALC can work with clients to develop an “ALC Pet Parenting Plan.”

The ALC can also help clients who cannot come to a written agreement about visitation or custody.  The courts can settle the dispute according to the needs and interest of the animal. ALC will also serve as the Guardian Ad Litem to the animal in pet custody disputes.

Equine & Livestock Issues
Buying, selling, breeding issues, raising and maintaining equine and livestock as well as the matters that arise from local, state and federal regulatory measures are just some of the issues that the ALC can help clients with regard to this area of Animal Law.
Product Liability
After the recent pet food recall, product liability as it relates to products for animals has become familiar to many. The ALC filed one of the first class action lawsuits in the country against pet food manufacturers and was integral in settling the lawsuit for $24 million. The ALC continues to work hard and takes an interest in ensuring commercial goods are safe for animals.
Service Animals

Some animals have special jobs. Animals for police work, service animals, and others require special attention when it comes to legal issues.

The ALC works closely with governmental agencies as well as service animal training facilities to resolve whatever issues may arise related to these specially-trained animals.

Veterinary Hospitals

Veterinarians in general fill a wonderful role for animals. The ALC works with veterinarians to review files and patient charts to determine the strengths and weaknesses in a veterinary practice, as well as how liability issues may be addressed to help limit liability.

The ALC also advises veterinary practices and students on new mandatory reporting procedures with regards to abuse and animal fighting. On rare occasions, veterinarians are guilty of negligence and the ALC works with parties to remedy these issues as well.

Landlord-Tenant Disputes
Landlord-tenant disputes occur frequently and may arise in the context of a residential lease or community living. Pet policies may interfere with your right to care for and live with your companion animal. The ALC can work with clients to find a legal remedy which will allow you to keep your home and the non-human member of your family.
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