Mediation is a form of alternative dispute resolution that aims to assist two or more individuals to reach a mutually agreeable decision without ever entering a courtroom.

Compared to a lawsuit, mediation is a quick, private, fair and inexpensive way to settle a dispute. This could be important if your dispute is with someone you’ll need or want to deal with later like an employer, landlord, neighbor, or co-parent. Mediation will help to resolve your disagreement without destroying the relationship. Another advantage of mediation is confidentiality. With very few exceptions, what you say during mediation cannot legally be revealed outside the mediation proceedings or used later in a court of law.

By contrast, one of the drawbacks of going to court is that, by and large, everything said or submitted in connection with a lawsuit becomes available to the public. Only by a judges' special order can information be "sealed" from public exposure. So whether your desire is to protect your trade secrets or just to avoid airing your dirty laundry in public, your privacy will be substantially greater with mediation than with litigation.

Our firm has extensive mediation training and will use techniques to open dialogues between disputants and help the parties to reach an agreement as an alternative to the expense and complications associated with the courtroom.

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