Orphaned Crestone Bear Cubs Doing Well Orphaned Crestone Bear Cubs Doing Well
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Orphaned Crestone Bear Cubs Doing Well

Thursday, November 03, 2011

Two bear cubs orphaned after their mother was shot by an officer with the Colorado Division of Wildlife in August of this year near Crestone, Colorado are healthy and receiving care at a wildlife sanctuary on the Western Slope of Colorado. Lawyers with The Animal Law Center say the cubs will remain at the facility until they are released into the wild, which is expected sometime early next year.

On August 27, 2011, a Colorado Division of Wildlife officer shot and killed a female bear on a ranch near Crestone, which is owned by Elaine Johnson. The DOW singled out the adult female after claiming that it killed a goat on a nearby farm. However, Johnson claims the DOW targeted the wrong bear. She had been watching the bear and her cubs on her property for a period of time and said this was not the bear responsible for killing local livestock.

Shortly after the killing, Johnson contacted The Animal Law Center and asked for assistance with locating a facility to care for the cubs until they could be released into the wild. Working with representatives for the DOW and Johnson, lawyers with The Animal Law Center chose The Pauline Schneegas Wildlife Foundation facility founded and operated by Nanci Limbach near Silt, Colorado.

“The Cubs have been at the Schneegas sanctuary since mid-September but only recently have we been able to get photos of them. We needed to ensure that the cubs maintained a healthy fear of people,” said Jennifer Edwards, founder and lawyer with The Animal Law Center. “After their mother was shot, the cubs had a low chance for survival. We are very happy that the cubs are receiving outstanding care from Limbach and her staff and look forward to their early Spring release into the wild where they belong.”

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