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Denver Woman Wins Suit over Death of Dog

Thursday, April 19, 2012

Attorneys with The Animal Law Center announce that a judge has ruled in favor of Denver resident Robin Lohre and awarded her a judgment valued over $65,000 for the death of her 18-month-old dog Ruthie. The court holds the Denver-based cleaning company Posh Maids responsible for the negligent death of Ruthie during a routine home cleaning in the fall of 2011.

Based on a search of public records, this could be the largest court judgment for the death of a pet in Colorado.

“The ruling sets a damages precedent that animals are worth more than their replacement value,” said Jennifer Edwards, attorney and founder of The Animal Law Center. “When we lose a pet, we do suffer emotional distress and heartache, just as we would with any other member of our families.”

“I am pleased with the court’s decision,” said Robin Lohre. “It doesn’t bring back Ruthie, but it does acknowledge the loss that my daughter and I experienced.”

Case History
Lohre hired Posh Maids for a 3-hour home cleaning on August 17, 2011. Lohre asked if she could leave her dog at home during the home cleaning, which she was assured would not be a problem. However sometime while the cleaners were at Lohre’s house, Ruthie was allegedly hit and killed by a car despite Lohre’s instructions not to let the animal out of the home.

Lohre returned home to find Ruthie dead underneath the dining room table.

When Lohre called Posh Maids, she was told that Ruthie had been struck by a car and that the employees had placed her underneath the table. They claimed that at the time they left, the dog was alive and “whimpering a little.”

At no time had the employees attempted to report the accident to Lohre or take the dog to an emergency veterinary clinic.

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